Jérôme VADON

Designer / Technologist / Futurist / Creativity Wizard

French Senior Global Designer with extensive expertise in innovation, prospective, technologies, creativity, and everything related. Operating worldwide.
Consulting, Mentoring, services and workshops for innovative businesses and fostering startups as early as pre-seed phase.

Design expertise

From idea to fruition.

Global, holistic and non-dogmatic
"design + lateral" thinking.

30+ years of expertise in designing and growing innovative brands, products, services, solutions, strategies, processes and even teams for demanding customers – with quality and privacy at heart – in medtech, greentech, fintech, newspace, automotive and fashion.

Tech expertise

In-depth generalist knowledge

Beyond fantaisies & false hopes

My solid 360° tech knowledge allows you to carry-on flawlessly all along the way, from defining bold and strong vision to any key arbitrations such as growing the team, selecting significant milestones, partners, infrastructure, production or distribution.
A.I., A/R/mix reality, HMI/HUD, Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, Blue / Green economy, Blockchain, Nextgen web, mobility, security, privacy, etc.
Operation: Consulting, mentoring, workshops, support or outsourcing (Design Director / Artistic Director / Project Manager / Team Leader). Private equity trade-off may be considered (for selected projects, after technical, legal and tax validation.)
Non Customer

With active contract or ongoing project

With no active contract / ongoing project